Carl Ramsay, founder & CEO

Carl has been a tech entrepreneur for 25 years and started his career as an associate at Québec’s first commercial ISP in 1994. Now specializing in Mobile Technology and services monetization, he is the owner and director of TFONIA INC, a Montreal based company that operates a platform enabling advisors, entertainers and professionals to monetize their knowledge using a smartphone. The platform combines SMS, apps, voice, video calls, content sales and a complete financial back office, enabling hundreds of people to earn money using their mobile phone.

mark meadows, tech lead

Mark received a BS in Mathematics while working as a developer and data analyst for Campaign & Issue Management for both state and national campaigns (USA). In 2005, Mark started his own business building data applications for various PACs and built ticketing systems for maintenance and repairs for a nationwide property management company.  In 2011, he moved to St Louis to design and develop a multi-level SMS marketing platform.  For the past 6 years he has been the architect for the TFONIA Platform.

Bahadir Bozoglan, PhD, contributor

Bahadir has a PhD degree on Psychological Counseling and Guidance, and has worked for several universities as a faculty member for years. He now works as a full time freelance senior academic researcher, reviewer, psychotherapist, supervisor and statistic expert. He is also a statistical researcher and advisor for distinguished companies like Marling Group.  Bahadir has supervised several PhD and MA level dissertations for his clients studying at well-known universities in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and so on.

Lauren Keegan, contributor

Lauren Keegan is a Sydney-based psychologist and freelance health writer. She has worked in the public mental health sector in Australia for ten years. You can find her at

Sanin Cutuk, Marketing Lead

Sanin is a marketing consultant and fractional CMO with an area of expertises in portfolio marketing, customer behavior and customer lifetime value. For the last 10 years Sanin is primarily focused in Health Care and Real Estate Investing industries with the successful track record in marketing and growth consulting for startups, renowned businesses and Wall Street investing advisors.

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