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Peer Education

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Considering the vital role peers play in the lives of their community members, it is important that they undergo some form of training or education you may say. Peers are individuals who are supposed to help individuals, but what happens when they lack the skills to do this? In such cases, you may find that Peer patients leave worse than they came.

Who Is A Peer?

Peers serve as models that have passed through a problem or situation and now serve as guides in helping others pass through similar situations. These individuals replace therapists or life coaches in many areas considering that they are cheaper, and they tend to be more dedicated to the wellbeing of those under their care. These individuals promote healthy behaviors, reinforce social norms as well as serve as a resource or a guide to a healthier and happier life.

The Education You Will Need As a Peer

If you intend on becoming a Peer specialist, there are trainings you will need to undergo to teach you how to be a successful peer. To be on the safe side, you will need to check out the rules in your state as the training required for a peer differs across states and countries. However, there are specific training which educates peer aspirants on what they would be needed to do if they become peer specialist. Here is a list of helpful training

PET training is a widely accepted training program because it offers the necessary tools needed for becoming a peer specialist. Thanks to its real-life drills, peer aspirants can practice and modify their skills in becoming professional peers.

This peer training program is designed to educate peer instructors who would like to venture in treating recovering patients. This training focuses its students on the principles and philosophy of recovering. All through the training, individuals are required to apply their personal experiences and core skills in peer to peer support.

This training program hopes to educate peers who want to help individuals on their journey to wellness, regaining hope and making the most of their chosen life path. This training teaches peers on the ethics of peer support, intervention skills and peer support.

Is experience needed in becoming a peer specialist?

Yes!!! As with many other professions, experience plays an essential role in becoming an effective peer. As a peer, the basics of this type of relationship rest on experience. This is because peer students; look up to their model who is a peer to share their experience on specific issues to help their students come out of such situations successfully. Some may argue that experience is the most important arrow in your quiver as a peer.




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