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Hushley is an app which will connect people who need help with peers. As a Licensed Peer, you can be part of it and help others while adding a new revenue stream to your practice.

There are no set schedules so you can work anytime you feel like helping others. We will provide you with an app to install on your phone.

Pay is issued every Monday via Direct Deposit or Bank Wire.

About Peers

If you plan on starting a professional career in peer support at Hushley or elsewhere, you will need to get certified. Opportunities for making a profession of being a peer specialist has begun surfacing in great numbers. To ensure that the health of members under a peer specialist, certain certifications must be earned. This way, a peer specialist is validated as being qualified to handle the needs of those under their care.  The peer certificate draws a fine line between who to trust and with whom peer patients would be taking a swing.  Peer support is an essential part of learning and conquering life’s challenges. However, putting so much ability in the wrong hands can quickly become a disaster.

Peer specialist may not be professionals or carry a degree in psychology; however, their patient or students need to know they pose the right skills to better their lives.

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There are many certifications you could take as a peer. Many times, a peer gets a certificate after undergoing training. These training and certificates vary across states and countries. So in getting a valid certificate, peers must realize which certifications are considered valid in their countries or state before they pay for said training or test.

How to get certified as a Peer

If you’re in the USA and you’re looking to get peer certified, an excellent place to start will be the NCSP. This is a voluntary examination-based certification that distinguishes qualified peers from unqualified ones. Although the NCPS certificate doesn’t replace the state-issued peer certificate, it serves as an additional guarantee employers or students may consider valuable when hiring the services of a peer. Several states in the USA have individual Peer certification bodies.

Peer Support Canada offers certificates for peer specialists. This certificate comes as a confirmation that its holder has the skills and experience needed in filling the position of a peer. This certificate also verifies one’s alignment with the standard of practice, and it is recognized across Canada.

Positively UK is one certificate you could get in the UK to validate you as a peer specialist. The NCPS also has its reach in this region and offers all the training/ certificates registered under the NCPS.

Around the world, there are several NCPS certificates but to pick the most appropriate for you, you will need to look up your countries or states policies on peers.


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