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Expanding access to Mental Health support

Seeking support from a mental health professional such as a psychologist or a psychiatrist has many proven benefits, but in reality, only a small percentage of people do this. The main barriers to accessing treatment are cost, availability, stigma, and above-all: shame.

Hushley intends to bridge the gap by meeting people where they are right now. We know people do seek information even if they don’t seek professional help, and they do this by searching online, reading self-help books, or interacting on unregulated internet forums. But these resources aren’t personalized and they don’t provide you with any level of accountability.

That’s why Hushley’s approach is so revolutionary. We break down the barriers to help-seeking by supporting people who aren’t ready to access a mental health professional. It means users can experience a genuine connection, a sense of belonging, and improved wellbeing without the daunting task of booking a healthcare appointment.

Think about this: you send an anonymous text message to someone about how you feel. You offload those heavy feelings and you receive a caring response to remind you that you aren’t alone. Sound impossible?

Googling a sympthoms

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Hushley makes the impossible, possible. We pride ourselves on innovation and thinking outside of the box. We do this by connecting people who have mental health difficulties to certified peers.

With Hushley, you move at your own pace. If you feel embarrassed to tell us your name then you can remain anonymous. If you’re not ready to speak to a professional but you want to feel less alone in your struggles, then we’ll connect you with a certified Helper; someone who has been through a similar experience. It’s like having a trusted friend, only they are completely outside of your family and social network. A Helper will listen to you, respect your experience, and support you in a non-judgemental way.

We believe once someone has a lived experience of mental illness, lessons are learned. This collective knowledge has value and it can help others who are at an earlier stage of their healing journey. Someone’s hardships can be valuable to others.

That said, while we believe everyone’s experience is valuable, we also want to provide a safe and responsible service. We recognize that some people are more suitable to offer help than others. That’s why we will only hire Helpers that have been duly certified by recognized authorities. You can trust you are in good hands.

Move at your own pace
We want to offer a circular healing journey

Here at Hushley, we want to offer a circular healing journey. This means, we not only provide a path for recovery but through education and training we also support those who have been helped to then become the helpers. This can lead to a fulfilling career in a helping profession.

The Hushley App is on its way… but while we wait we need YOU. Help us create a network of helpers and a strong platform for help-seekers to thrive and flourish.

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