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Peer Support app for Mental Health

Hushley will connect you soon with peers who will listen to you, respect your experience, and support you in a non-judgemental way. It's completely anonymous and Free to try.
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Get anonymous help from someone who's been there before

Hushley connects you with Peers who went thru the same experience and got trained and certified to work in the Mental Health field. You can send an anonymous text message to someone about how you feel. You offload those heavy feelings and you receive a caring response to remind you that you aren’t alone.

We break down the barriers to help-seeking by supporting people who aren’t ready for, or don’t have access to a mental health professional. It means users can experience a genuine connection, a sense of belonging, and improved wellbeing without the daunting task of booking a healthcare appointment.

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Feeling Anxiety?

If you’re not ready to speak to a professional but you want to feel less alone in your struggles, then we’ll connect you with a certified Helper; someone who has been through a similar experience. It’s like having a trusted friend, a Helper will listen to you, respect your experience, and support you in a non-judgemental way.

Want to help?

As a Peer, you can be part of Hushley and contibute help others while adding a new revenue stream to your practice. There are no set schedules so you can work anytime you feel like helping others. We will provide you with an app to install on your phone.

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